Recent Writing

Recent stories I’ve written (or co-written) and where you can find them on the web:

Wisconsin State Journal:

More College Students Seek Mental Health Care (2/6/2012)

Wisconsin Watch:

Gaps persist in Campus Mental Health Coverage (2/5/2012)

Discovery News:

Adventures in the Name of Science (3/13/2012)

Can Anger and Stress Kill? (3/1/2012)

A Broken Heart Can Kill You (2/14/2012)

Men Don’t Read Online Dating Profiles (2/7/2012)

iBook Author App Changing Textbooks (1/24/2012)

Paralyzed Athlete Sit-Skis to South Pole (1/19/2012)

5 Futuristic Ways to Cook a Holiday Feast (12/22/2011)

Can Computers Predict a Hit Song (12/15/2011)

Oceans Could Power Our Homes (12/1/2011)

Iran’s Nuclear Program: A History of International Support and Sanctions (12/7/2011)


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